Aniston dating co star

She has done “Murder Mystery” for Netflix, and now her show with Reese Witherspoon titled “The Morning Show” is about to be released via Apple TV.

This ridiculous question popped up in one of the tabloids this week.

Mere days before publishing that ridiculous and completely fake story, they claimed that she had her eyes set on Alex Rodriguez.

They seem to make up random stories about Aniston’s dating life however and whenever they please.

It turned out, however, that this was published a year ago but hasn’t been cleared yet, and Gossip Cop is debunking the issue now.

The gossip police noted that one telling sign that this is a false rumor is that the magazine did not even mention the name of the men that Aniston was supposed to be dating.

Gossip Cop got in touch with Aniston’s rep, who confirmed that the story is completely fabricated.

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However, this story was confirmed to be a fabricated claim.And when that happens, she said she will welcome it.“When it comes knocking, it’s going to be welcomed,” she told Notaro via Harper’s Bazaar. That’s never going to happen again.’” Aniston went on to say that although she’s not giving up on dating, she doesn’t have time for it at the moment because of her other priorities.People that know them both would be thrilled if they got together!” This questionable insider revealed that Jennifer Anniston “hasn’t given up on true love and [is] ready to find the right person”.

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