Android disable automatic updating for all apps

Press the three bars at the top left, then select “My Apps & Games.”You’ll be taken to a list of your apps.Find the app that you want to stop the auto-updates for.However, there are a lot of downsides to having automatic app updates.For example, updates can have issues that can actually ruin the app’s functionality for you.Now that you’ve disabled automatic updates for all apps, how do they update?When an app wants to download an update, it now has to ask you first.

Unfortunately, there is no easy to downgrade the app once the new version has been installed on your Android device.

Whether you’re on a tight mobile data plan or just don’t like apps updating themselves without your permission, auto-updating apps on Android can be a real annoyance.

Apps can push out updates at any time, and if they’re big content patches, it can mean bad news for those on sensitive data plans.

That’s all well and good, but what if you want to stop only one app from auto-downloading?

Perhaps you’re fine with certain important and critical apps updating themselves when they need to, but you’re not so keen on games or entertainment apps updating while you’re trying to do business-crucial activities.

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