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In addition, when peoples stayed rooted near one another, cultural and social bonds began to form.People began to do things in similar ways (it is a property of human nature to want to belong).Interestingly, at this same site, bones were found from long-tail tuna, dolphin, dugong and turtle, gazelle, needle-fish, grouper, sea bream, emperor, and jack.

This led to diversification of labor which meant that food requirements could be on the backs of certain people and new classes like artisans or warriors could develop.

These people developed technologies like pottery, metallurgy or plows.

About 5,000 years ago the first urban societies developed laying the foundations for the first civilizations.

Grass pea, wild wheat, wild barley, and lentils were found throughout the site, including some of the earliest known samples.

This was much further east than most sites known for early agriculture.

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