Amsterdam dating culture

It is not uncommon to go out with people who cut out flirting altogether and just state their intentions.Your outlandish compliments can, therefore, be perceived as fake and attract the opposite of the intentions you intended them to.People commonly bike everywhere in Amsterdam, and it might be a bit challenging to cycle in high heels and ties.Do not take it personally if your date shows up in jeans and sneakers and you might also want to go less on the clothes and makeup.Friends commonly give each other three kisses on the cheek as a form of greeting.Keeping it Casual Dutch people are hardly renowned for over-dressing.People in the Netherlands are incredibly straightforward and have no patience for mind games.They value confidence and always aim to get to the point without wasting time.

Straightforward is the Way to go Dutch The Dutch are an interesting bunch.

Dating in Amsterdam can get a little overwhelming as the Dutch have their way of going about love.

As a foreigner, you are better off getting acquainted with local customs and habits.

Amsterdam is known as the capital of the Netherlands and its the most electrifying city as well.

I cannot imagine a better way to fall in love than through taking a romantic cruise through the city’s canals.

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