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The Sentinel story doesn’t place Ammons in the Nov.16 meeting, and the story is inconclusive as to whether he was told afterward about the proposal to suspend the band.

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In short, it’s time for these supposed leaders of the university to put up or shut up.But given the details have emerged since that policy was instituted in the fall — the arrests of 13 band members, the overlooked ineligibility of dozens of band members to march in last year’s Florida Classic, the participtation of faculty in past hazing, et cetera — an even stronger stance is in order at this point.That would mean committing to a ban of a specific and considerable length reflecting the overwhelming evidence that’s mounted of total organizational failure regarding hazing.The trickle of alarming details continues as reporters and members of the public comb through the trove of documents recently released by the Florida state prosecutor in the Champion case. That’s a rather serious allegation unto itself, one that stretches well beyond Champion’s death per se, all the way to what’s often described as “a culture of hazing” for which the higher-ups bear much responsibility.A long, document-based story from ABC News on Thursday reconstructing events the night of the Florida Classic included this little tidbit, buried six paragraphs into the narrative: Whoa! Prosecutors in the Robert Champion case have just released thousands of pages of interview transcripts and other documents.

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