American women dating in europe

So you have a margin of error accepted by the two sides.

An american girl, especially if she never lived abroad, will not have this thought process, and it can lead to bad situation.

No other countries in South America can be close to the level of English in Argentina.

If you don’t speak a word of Spanish, if you want to go to South America to date women, you should go to Argentina.

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The problem in Sweden is related to the massive male immigration that occurs now and that’s why Sweden ranks 2.Before I met my current boyfriend, for example, I was dating (meaning going on dates, not having sex) with 2-3 guys.I fell for my (now) boyfriend pretty much instantly and vice versa, and we hung out the entire weekend.It is a very good advantage for those who want to go to the Czech Republic and pick up women.Nevertheless, if you go to the Czech Republic, don’t go to tourist places as you may get disappointed.

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