Advice on dating relationships

Before our marriage, we agreed to sign a pre-nup, and at that moment, I’ve never been so happy with a decision I’ve made in my life. Saw his text messages open and I did pry and when I catched a glimpse of "break up with her" (his friend wrote that), I couldn't help but read the entire conversation.

After that it was a few second of awkward silence, before she said to me “Fuck you.” She started screaming at me, telling me “you just can’t end things like that.” I told her I could do whatever I wanted, and that’s when she became very hostile. My boyfriend, who is 29, and has been with me for a year, is my first relationship and I'm his first as well.

“A person seeks love by building up expectations, determining for yourself the necessary level of requirements for a partner, passing through meetings and partings, successful and unsuccessful appointments, leaving painful traces on the heart.Please excuse this post I'm too upset to write proper.Two nights ago we went to a wedding rehearsal party, a cocktail party.We showed up a little late and everyone was drunk by the time we got there.I was a little over served and woke up the next day at home pretty hungover.

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