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Bring layers for the early morning and be prepared to shed them by midday.

But be warned that in winter, without the rain, and with farmers burning their fields to prepare for the next crop, the air quality (which is already shrines) usually set up by neighborhood associations.

Kolkata’s paras each have neighborhood associations that are responsible for setting up religious festivals on the Bengali calendar.

Kolkata’s streets often go by several names (successive governments have been big on changing colonial titles), and street signs are scarce.

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Instead, think of Kolkata as divided into three sections: North Kolkata, the city center, and South Kolkata.

North Kolkata is the crowded, sprawling old part of town,just north of the British colonial capital, where Bengalis settled.

Kolkata’s Metro system (which was the first in India and opened in 1984) is clean, reliable, and easy to use, and it’s the best way to get to North Kolkata and the business center of the city.

To get to Metro stations and through crowded neighborhoods, grab a rickshaw or auto-rickshaw (Kolkata is one of the (a model first manufactured in the 1950s and source of nostalgia for Indians) and their meters don’t work, so you’ll have to negotiate a price.

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