1 config files in 39 etc 39 need updating

It makes it possible for different packages related to Kerberos (Heimdal, MIT, pam-krb5) to install their own krb5fragments rather than having all those settings shipped with the default krb5

It also makes it possible for administrators to just ship a /etc/krb5.conf/myrealm file with configuration rather than having to programmatically update the existing krb5

Though perhaps that code could only optimize the case in which no include directives are used.

As you say, I am free to not use include files or include directories.

If others want this feature, and nobody else is opposed, go ahead...

I will point out that Kerberos configuration profiles on Heimdal and MIT already support multiple files.

I agree that Heimdal must be able to parse MIT compatible configuration files.If so, that's problematic because the default RHEL7/Cent OS7 krb5has this line present. We could make the config system (which is roughly like the profile API in MIT) detect config changes and re-read them (MIT's profile API does this), but we copy config items to s seems pointless, so automatically re-reading configs is a heavy-duty project.My first stab at a high-level design is to add new versions of the config API that "register" where the values land in related external object(s) and which will update those automatically as long as the related external object(s) remain alive.statting has already been suggested, but another would be the use of inotify on platforms that support it.Running make is easy for package scripts, but also means extra operations for the system administrator after each config change they make. includes and includedirs are by no means an unusual feature for configuration files.

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